The 5 tenets of building a perfect livestream

1. begin with the end in mind

What are we trying to do?

If the purpose of our Livestream is to build and engage an audience (Podcasting, Training), then perhaps a monthly or weekly Hybrid Stream will be in order. If the Livestream is simply to pass on information (AGM, Virtual Conference) then an annual or bi-annual event is typical.  Having this in mind from the beginning will dictate which social platforms to use, as well as help streamline pre-production.

the 5 tenets of building a perfect livestream


Get them where you want them.

Begin marketing your livestream about 2 weeks before the event. Make sure to take advantage of all of the online spaces where your viewers may be hanging out. Follow up with publicity bursts one week, one day and finally, one hour ahead of time. Make sure to add hints and info about the content you will be sharing.

The 5 tenets of building a perfect livestream


Practice makes for comfort.

Regardless of if it's a fully virtual, or hybrid event, it's important to make sure you run through the show before going live.  This is for the benefit of all participants whether live, remote (virtual) or crew. It allows everyone involved to be comfortable with the cameras, pre-recorded materials, and the tops and tails of each segment. There's a lot going on at showtime, and you can think more clearly before going live.

the 5 tenets of building a perfect livestream

4. viewer engagement

The key to virtual communication.

Now that we're live, and you are finally getting your story out to your perfect audience, engagement can be a fun way to keep your fans involved.  Tools such as live chats, polling and real time statistics allow you to take your communication to the next level, and really make your viewers feel like a part of the show.

The 5 tenets of building a perfect livestream

5. post production

Great show! ... but it's not done yet.

Once your show, event or conference is finished and you are basking in the glory of a job well done, it's nice to know that you have a wealth of material for future content on your media channels, or to promote the next show. Your event can be cut down to 30 second social media clips, or even condensed for Youtube or your personal web page.  The possibilities are limitless.

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